CREANT focuses specifically on identifying reliable biomarkers of immune-mediated tumor response to therapy. We aim to apply the acquired knowledge to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic radiotracers to improve cancer treatment outcome.

CREANT has access to a large radiopharmacy/radiochemistry infrastructure, consisting of an on-site 11 MeV cyclotron, 10 different hot cell units (for F-18, C-11 and Ga-68 radiosynthesis) enclosing multiple radiosynthesis modules for automated tracer production, and a fully-equiped QC laboratory (HPLCs, LC-MS, GC, automated gamma-counter, …). The clinical radiopharmacy is a GMP-certified facility. CREANT closely interacts with the preclinical imaging facility Molecular Imaging Center Antwerp (MICA) – for the development and validation of novel radiotracers in the field of oncology. The imaging infrastructure of MICA consists of 2 microPET/CT systems and 1 microSPECT/PET/CT.

ImmunoPET Imaging

Caspase-3 Imaging

Pretargeted Imaging